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"How did I become a community leader? Every time there’s a wedding, I go to say ‘Congratulations.’ Every time there’s a funeral, I go to say: ‘I’m sorry.’" (Al-Salt, Jordan)

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This weeks theme: PRODUCTIVITY! All entrepreneurs need some tips and tricks to keep us on top of our game!

Must print & frame

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Watch the whole talk here»

Almost 20 years ago, writer Andrew Solomon fell into a deep depression. In this talk from TEDxMet, he speaks eloquently and openly about his struggle with “the family secret we all share,” but that no one wants to talk about. If you are a human or know a human, you have to watch this talk, but — be warned — you might just find yourself in tears.

Oh so real.

This is all relevant for anxiety disorders as well

Depression is the family secret that we all have. It’s so true.

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I used to watch this with my nana every time she babysat me. 

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This year
you will make it again,
this time more gracefully.
More whole,
more you,
more menacingly.
You will stop chasing ghosts,
stop being negative,
stop giving others
the responsibility to make you happy.
You will know better than to
cover up the emptiness
by setting fire to yourself.

This year
will not be another excuse.
You will feel, you will bleed, and you will
not not not be another’s mistake.
You will learn how to breathe
more gently, say more of “I”
and less of “you”, and when
you feel like a wreck remember -
summer boils in my blood
and it and I alone can
melt the loneliness away.

This year you will survive
survive survive survive,
even if you have to crawl
all your way to the end.

So if you’re stuck inside
the horrors of your own head -
either find the light or
create your own sunshine.

This year
you will fight.
You will be alive.

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Sade Andria Zabala (xpsycho) | 2014: This New Year’s Resolution



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Why Secret Law is Un-American

In recent years, the National Security Agency has relied on secret interpretations of the law to justify its actions, as noted in The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, and a letter that 26 U.S. senators wrote complaining that “the ‘business records’ provision of the Patriot Act has been secretly reinterpreted.” NSA defenders are fond of saying that its activities are legitimized and overseen by all three branches of government. This elides the distinction between Congress as a body and small subcommittees with access to classified information: A subcommittee can be quietly co-opted in a way that Congress cannot.

The notion of a secret body of law is incompatible with the American system of government. Understanding why is as easy as consulting the Federalist Papers, the most thorough explanation the Framers gave us of their republican design and its logic.

Read more. [Image: a4gpa/Flickr]

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